Call Your Dad

By: Kristi Rizzo My initial reaction was, “Oh, this isn’t good news.”  My fiancé and I had just purchased our first home and we were planning a wedding for August of the following year.  This wasn’t the order in which events were supposed to happen.  As the oldest of the three girls, I was supposed … Continue reading Call Your Dad

10 Steps to Better Living

By: Anonymous I tend to reflect a lot in my downtime, and I will admit that there are times that it isn’t all that positive.  I’m anxious by nature, so these thoughts do little to help settle my mind.  “Am I being a good enough father?” “Am I eating the right foods?” “Am I doing the … Continue reading 10 Steps to Better Living

Finding Life’s Sweet Spot

By: Anonymous The death of inspiration comes from attaining contentment. I have spent much of my life barreling forward to each dream, rarely taking a moment to enjoy the spoils of each new barrier I have broken through, because I needed to reach the next goal. Some of these dreams could very well be considered small, … Continue reading Finding Life’s Sweet Spot

Mourning the Loss of Joy

By: Anonymous “Find your joy.” I have uttered this statement more in the past four months than I care to think about or admit. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the brilliant Marie Kondo and her life-changing guide to decluttering. I’m speaking these words to working professionals whose job it is to enrich … Continue reading Mourning the Loss of Joy