Fly on the Wall: Isabel

By: Adam Sutton It’s 2am.  My wife looks gorgeous on a sunny beach.  I think it’s the Bahamas, but I’m not worrying about the specifics.  Those aren’t important for this story.  She’s a couple pounds heavier, a little grayer and a whole lot saltier than when we met 25 years ago, but she still turns … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Isabel

I’m a Sucker for Hope

By: Chris DuPrau @ChrisDuPrau I’ve used this place to complain about my teams a lot.  It’s cathartic for me.  I’ve won championships as a fan, but in most cases,  I’ve had to go to some pretty low lows before achieving them.  When the good times happen though, those lows seem almost worth it.  I know … Continue reading I’m a Sucker for Hope

Fly on the Wall: Todd

By: Adam Sutton It’s before homeroom.  The bell rang moments ago and in walks Todd. “Yo, Mr. Anderson when we gettin’ those books?” “Well, the forms just went out 2 days ago, so next week some time, I think.” “Lame.  I want mine today.” As suddenly as he appeared, Todd was gone.  “I farted!” Todd … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Todd

An Ode to Winter and How It Can Shove Off

By: Anonymous I thought about a poem for this month... Winter. Can Eat Crap But, that didnt seem deep enough. Winter. The cold and darkness  fold my soul into a small  Devilish  Origami square  I can not shine. But, that seemed too depressing. So, the realization that I am not a poet looms large... The … Continue reading An Ode to Winter and How It Can Shove Off

Fly on the Wall: Jasmine

By: Adam Sutton “You have 7 options to choose from.  My ratings of each book are on the back with a brief description of each story.  Take the next 10 minutes or so to look over your choices and rank your top 3.  The people who return their signed forms first will be the ones … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Jasmine