The World’s Best Reading Strategy

By: Anonymous Think of one of the filthiest words you could call a woman. Now, imagine an 11-year-old saying that word to you. Picture it again, only this time with the knowledge that the 11-year-old has no idea what he has just said to you and is simply asking what he considers to be a … Continue reading The World’s Best Reading Strategy

Harry Lipps-Shitts

By: Anonymous My name is Harry Lipps-Shitts and I’m an enterprunure.  No, I mean ontrupremor.  Oh hell, I work for my self and, yes, I’m a hyphen. That’s right mom was a Lipps and good old dad was a Shitts. Being ones own boss, I’ll try about anything to make a buck and the following … Continue reading Harry Lipps-Shitts

The Joys of Parenthood

By: Adam Sutton Quinn wasn't feeling too hot after school today, so we were letting her rest on the couch, watching some TV. I was reading and Adrienne was making dinner. Suddenly, I heard Adrienne yelling, “Adam, Adam!” I bolted upright and saw Quinn rushing towards the bathroom. Adrienne was ahead of me and got … Continue reading The Joys of Parenthood

Frank Hearn

By: Jeanne Cameron The class had a reputation, and so did its teacher. Hardest course in the major, everyone said. Hardest teacher you’ll ever have, they added. Words, uttered in fear and in reverence. And so I walked into that classroom on the second floor of Old Main, on the first day of classes, in … Continue reading Frank Hearn

Kid Whisperer

By: Anonymous Kids say the darndest things. That was a television show right? As much as it was a hopeless ratings ploy, the show had some truth and being a father has taught me this: children will literally say the first thing that pops in to their heads, whether it is good or bad.  Gained … Continue reading Kid Whisperer