Fly on the Wall: Mr. Cunningham

By: Adam Sutton “Who’s ready for a visitor!” Ms. Gilmor shouted.  A sea of hands and an echo of “me, me, me” followed.  “Remember, who can tell me one rule when we are at story time?” “Me, me, me I can!  I can!” Mr. Cunningham shouted over the pre-schoolers quietly raising their hands.  “Papa,” Juliette … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mr. Cunningham

Jane, Not Forgotten Pt. 1

By: Anonymous In the late 1800s for poorer folks in the Finger Lakes area of New York, winter is particularly hard. Families who could heat their homes with coal often went to the railroad tracks to pick up any lumps that managed to fall from the trains passing through the town. One such person was … Continue reading Jane, Not Forgotten Pt. 1

Fly on the Wall: Edward

By: Adam Sutton “Why the fuck did they let Edward back in this place, Sue?  Why?  He’s terrorized every classroom here for 3 years!  My perfectly fine and well-mannered period 4 class is now a fucking disaster!  One kid!” screamed Mr. Clark after school on Tuesday.  “Uh huh,” Ms. Heart replied, trying to be sympathetic. … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Edward

You’re the Inspiration

By: Rebecca Frager I lost my Aunt Audrey last week.  She was almost 90. She was always exotic to me. She was a few years older than my dad, but like him, she was born in India.  My grandparents were Lutheran missionaries in India for more than 30 years.  Most of their 10 children – … Continue reading You’re the Inspiration

Fly on the Wall: Zoe

By: Adam Sutton “Hey, Zoe.  How are you doing?” Mr. Francis asks. “Fine.” “Well, it looks like you’re struggling with #1.  How did American independence influence others around the world?  What is a key word for us to focus on here?” “How.” “Ok.  Maybe.  What about independence?  What’s that mean?” “Like it depends.  Sometimes it’s … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Zoe

Are You Just One Thing?

By: Shira Boyle My dad was a doctor; an oncologist, to be more specific. An oncologist known around the world who was asked to speak at conferences in many countries, at many different conventions and summits.  He helped to create one of the most famous cancer fighting drugs currently in existence.  He saved hundreds, if not … Continue reading Are You Just One Thing?

Fly on the Wall: Monika

By: Adam Sutton “I talked to your mom about your book choice.  She was a little worried. She said you read a book that you didn’t like in school last year.” “Kinda.  It was a poem.” “What poem?” “I don’t know.” “Who wrote it?” Monika shrugged.  “I’ve got it still.  I can bring it to … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Monika