Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.

By: Anonymous I may be a little late to the game, but my fiancé and I are in serious talks about trying to have a child soon.  I’m 35, and most of my friends already have kids.  My few friends that don’t have children yet are probably going to be lifelong bachelors.  I gotta say, … Continue reading Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.


By: Kristi Rizzo My oldest child will celebrate his 17th birthday this month.  As he finishes his junior year of high school and we prepare for all things associated with senior year and beyond, I am left wondering if I did enough.  “Let him do it.”  Our first hours of parenthood in a Baltimore hospital … Continue reading Mothering

Parental Perfection

By: Anonymous My kid thinks I am perfect. Seriously. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, her 8 year old self, with her freckled nose and sparkly grin, thinks I am perfect. It's kind of a burden of parenthood, facing these little souls that wake up every morning believing the best. She knows nothing of my … Continue reading Parental Perfection

The Breakfast Club Blues

By: Anonymous One of my favorite movies growing up, and still to this day, was The Breakfast Club.  It’s hard to beat this 90 minute story about 5 high schoolers spending the day together in the place that they would least like to be.  The mix of comedy and drama is everything you would want … Continue reading The Breakfast Club Blues

Fly on the Wall: Mr. Cunningham

By: Adam Sutton “Who’s ready for a visitor!” Ms. Gilmor shouted.  A sea of hands and an echo of “me, me, me” followed.  “Remember, who can tell me one rule when we are at story time?” “Me, me, me I can!  I can!” Mr. Cunningham shouted over the pre-schoolers quietly raising their hands.  “Papa,” Juliette … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mr. Cunningham

Fly on the Wall: Melinda

By: Adam Sutton The 7th grade teachers gathered around per their weekly ritual to talk about grade level issues.  Ms. Nichols led off by asking, “How’s Melinda for people?” “Yates?” “Yeah.” “She’s quiet.  Doesn’t do much,” said Mr. George. “Quiet!” the Math Chair said, clearly surprised.  “She literally does not stop talking the entire time … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Melinda