TABCO Gets It Wrong

By: Adam Sutton Last month the Baltimore County Council hosted a budget hearing to solicit feedback from the community.  Baltimore County Board of Education member Cheryl Pasteur wasted no time energizing the chamber with a full-throated, passionate appeal to accept the budget and support funding for our schools.  What followed was a civics lesson in … Continue reading TABCO Gets It Wrong

Fly on the Wall: Angela

By: Adam Sutton “She gets extended time!” her mom insists. “Yes.  She does.” Mr. Percy replies patiently.  “Then, why is her grade already in the gradebook, and she isn’t being given anymore time?” mom continues. “She gets a 50% extension.  I’ve given her an extra week.  She is getting so far behind because I’ve given … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Angela

Fly on The Wall: Mr. Spriggs

By: Adam Sutton “On three give me one big clap: 1….2….3!” A loud “SMACK” is followed by silence as Mr. Spriggs peers out over his students.  “As we discussed yesterday, you are all sitting in seats of your choice.  However, it does not have to stay that way.  Also, don’t think that because your parents … Continue reading Fly on The Wall: Mr. Spriggs

Divided Attention

By: Angry Old Man It is always a great pleasure to run into a former student.  This student triggered off a memory because at the start of the school year she was really struggling.  She was normally a high B student who was consistently getting D’s on my assessments.  I remember when she scored an A on her … Continue reading Divided Attention

Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George

By: Adam Sutton “Today, Ms. Fiore is going to be with you guys.  Be on your best behavior, like always, since she has some stuff that’s good for you forever.  It will provide you with guidance.”  Mrs. George pauses.  Laughs to herself and continues, “Guidance.  Ha!  Get it?  Guidance.  She’s a Guidance Counselor.”  The students … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George