Lessons Learned at the Poker Table

By: Joe Pettit Poker and ethics are not two words that many people would quickly put together.  For reasons that I do not entirely understand, poker is still understood by more than a few as an unscrupulous, or at least unsavory activity.  If I had to guess, this comes from the fact that money – … Continue reading Lessons Learned at the Poker Table

The Little Things

By: H.A. Spinelli The little things. What are they? How do we know when we see them, experience them, or in some less-than-flattering instances, when we become them? No matter how differently they manifest, they are a common thread in the human experience. When the little things surface, they are more than what their name … Continue reading The Little Things

Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George Part II

By: Adam Sutton PART I “Is that the Mrs. George?” her husband teased.  “The one with the most patience and more love than any human being has ever mustered.  The one all the parents want teaching their kid,” he pressed on.  “The Mr. George better get out of here.  You see this grading, right?” “I … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George Part II

Auspicious Day

By: Danielle Wilson My daffodils are pushing up out of the soil towards the sky. They aren’t opened yet, even though it is mid April, because here in upstate New York, it has only recently turned into spring. Today is the first day to break seventy degrees but the breeze is cool-- just to keep … Continue reading Auspicious Day

I am not meant to live forever

By: Joe Pettit Don’t ask me why, but I have been thinking about death a lot lately.  I have been remarkably free from experiencing the pain of an untimely death of someone I love, so everything I am about to say should be taken with a dose of caution.  More than usual, I really may … Continue reading I am not meant to live forever

My Birthday

By: Anonymous Many people go throughout their life, Always wandering around. Realizing that they are missing something, Chanting a melancholy sound. “How could I be so lonely?” Nothing seems to sink inside them, I have heard this cry before. Never will they find what’s lost, Eternity keeps closing the doors. Then they realize it must … Continue reading My Birthday