Hey, Kids, call your mother.

By: Rebecca Frager On Mother’s Day, my sister noticed a Facebook post from our sister-in-law wishing her mother a “Happy Mother’s Day.”  My sister replied to her post by saying something like, “You should tell Richard (our brother) to call his mom.”  Later in the day, he responded with, “If she wants to talk to … Continue reading Hey, Kids, call your mother.

Eleanor and Wilma

By: Jeanne Cameron Wilma spent money on many things her husband disapproved of. Or he would have, if he had known. Eleanor did the same, both the spending and the secret-keeping.  And each woman developed her own special recipe for such deceptions. Wilma’s included a pinch of guilt; Eleanor’s, a sprinkle of rationalization [every purchase … Continue reading Eleanor and Wilma

Part II Edward’s Story

By: Anonymous Eddy was a handsome fellow born in Seneca Falls, NY to his immigrant parents who fled Hungary a decade earlier for the United States to get away from the Revolution that was tearing their country apart. They made it to Ellis Island and moved to Seneca Falls. At the time, Seneca Falls, a … Continue reading Part II Edward’s Story

I’m a Sucker for Hope

By: Chris DuPrau @ChrisDuPrau I’ve used this place to complain about my teams a lot.  It’s cathartic for me.  I’ve won championships as a fan, but in most cases,  I’ve had to go to some pretty low lows before achieving them.  When the good times happen though, those lows seem almost worth it.  I know … Continue reading I’m a Sucker for Hope