Learning Never Ends…Ever

By: Anonymous Last week I was sorting through boxes and albums of old photographs looking for pictures to use in a friend’s 50th birthday card.  She is the last of us to turn 50, and we affectionately call her the caboose.  So, having been tasked with the job of creating a card to present to … Continue reading Learning Never Ends…Ever

My Birthday

By: Anonymous Many people go throughout their life, Always wandering around. Realizing that they are missing something, Chanting a melancholy sound. “How could I be so lonely?” Nothing seems to sink inside them, I have heard this cry before. Never will they find what’s lost, Eternity keeps closing the doors. Then they realize it must … Continue reading My Birthday

10 Steps to Better Living

By: Anonymous I tend to reflect a lot in my downtime, and I will admit that there are times that it isn’t all that positive.  I’m anxious by nature, so these thoughts do little to help settle my mind.  “Am I being a good enough father?” “Am I eating the right foods?” “Am I doing the … Continue reading 10 Steps to Better Living

Passing Atticus

By: Adam Sutton This month we are trying something a little different here at OnceEveryThirty. While each writer always has freedom to write as they please, this month I've asked the team to think about reading and inspiration as they write. I hope you enjoy and thanks for your support! I’m a teacher. I started … Continue reading Passing Atticus


By: Anonymous It is just weird being almost 50 yet waking up every morning with memories of a younger self. A self that was pain free, agile, energetic, idealistic, and unstoppable. I guess aging is a reconciling process. Keep the idealism, improve the methodology.  It is trickier than I thought, this process. It is difficult … Continue reading Aging

Consequences of Regret

By: Anonymous I was recently speaking to a coworker who is younger than myself. We were discussing recent regrets that we have lived, and whether we wished we could go back and change them. My coworker spoke decisively about wanting to change her earlier choices, and I took a more pensive approach. As I have … Continue reading Consequences of Regret