Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.

By: Anonymous I may be a little late to the game, but my fiancé and I are in serious talks about trying to have a child soon.  I’m 35, and most of my friends already have kids.  My few friends that don’t have children yet are probably going to be lifelong bachelors.  I gotta say, … Continue reading Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.


By: Kristi Rizzo My oldest child will celebrate his 17th birthday this month.  As he finishes his junior year of high school and we prepare for all things associated with senior year and beyond, I am left wondering if I did enough.  “Let him do it.”  Our first hours of parenthood in a Baltimore hospital … Continue reading Mothering

Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George Part II

By: Adam Sutton PART I “Is that the Mrs. George?” her husband teased.  “The one with the most patience and more love than any human being has ever mustered.  The one all the parents want teaching their kid,” he pressed on.  “The Mr. George better get out of here.  You see this grading, right?” “I … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George Part II

White Privilege?

By: Kristi Rizzo What is a privilege?  A privilege is an advantage.  Do white people have an advantage JUST because they are white?  I never used to think so.  My mind was changed a few years ago.  While riding in the car after a sporting event, my then-5-year-old son boldly stated, “I wish I was … Continue reading White Privilege?

Fly on the Wall: Isabel

By: Adam Sutton It’s 2am.  My wife looks gorgeous on a sunny beach.  I think it’s the Bahamas, but I’m not worrying about the specifics.  Those aren’t important for this story.  She’s a couple pounds heavier, a little grayer and a whole lot saltier than when we met 25 years ago, but she still turns … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Isabel

Parental Perfection

By: Anonymous My kid thinks I am perfect. Seriously. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, her 8 year old self, with her freckled nose and sparkly grin, thinks I am perfect. It's kind of a burden of parenthood, facing these little souls that wake up every morning believing the best. She knows nothing of my … Continue reading Parental Perfection