Fly on the Wall: Mr. Rivers

By: Adam Sutton Principal Smith bellowed, “This year we are going to be incredibly efficient with our time.  We want to make sure we are focused on the School Progress Plan, and we don’t want to be wasting time.  Make sure your lessons last from bell-to-bell and are aligned to your curriculums.” “I wanted to … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mr. Rivers

Struggle to Learn

By: An Angry Old Man Last week in my blog I mentioned that defeating fear is one of the most important things to do to be successful.  I received a lot of feedback stating that fear does hold people back.  The fear of losing, fear of looking dumb, and the fear of struggling while others seem to … Continue reading Struggle to Learn

Passing Atticus

By: Adam Sutton This month we are trying something a little different here at OnceEveryThirty. While each writer always has freedom to write as they please, this month I've asked the team to think about reading and inspiration as they write. I hope you enjoy and thanks for your support! I’m a teacher. I started … Continue reading Passing Atticus

For when I forget….

Words by: Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart, p. 30 Images by Jeanne Cameron the way to dissolve our resistance to lifeis to meet it face to face when we feel resentment because the room is too hotwe could meet the heat and feel its fieriness and its heaviness when we feel resentment because the room is too … Continue reading For when I forget….


By: Anonymous Why did you get that tattoo?  All of the paths I’ve explored through my life -- meditation, Buddhism, Judaism, Yin Yoga, Taoism -- were meant to help me find my way. Whatever the struggle, I sought a path to lead me out of the darkness. Some people don’t find a path.  That was evident … Continue reading Persevere