Waxing and Waning

By: Prianca Naik It is quickly consumed by a voracious void when you are in a hurry.  It stops when tragedy strikes.  It disappears in the blink of an eye when your daughter suddenly graduates from high school and just yesterday it feels as though you brought her home from the hospital.  It is warped, … Continue reading Waxing and Waning

My Birthday

By: Anonymous Many people go throughout their life, Always wandering around. Realizing that they are missing something, Chanting a melancholy sound. “How could I be so lonely?” Nothing seems to sink inside them, I have heard this cry before. Never will they find what’s lost, Eternity keeps closing the doors. Then they realize it must … Continue reading My Birthday

Fly on the Wall: Mr. Rivers

By: Adam Sutton Principal Smith bellowed, “This year we are going to be incredibly efficient with our time.  We want to make sure we are focused on the School Progress Plan, and we don’t want to be wasting time.  Make sure your lessons last from bell-to-bell and are aligned to your curriculums.” “I wanted to … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mr. Rivers

10 Steps to Better Living

By: Anonymous I tend to reflect a lot in my downtime, and I will admit that there are times that it isn’t all that positive.  I’m anxious by nature, so these thoughts do little to help settle my mind.  “Am I being a good enough father?” “Am I eating the right foods?” “Am I doing the … Continue reading 10 Steps to Better Living

Are You Just One Thing?

By: Shira Boyle My dad was a doctor; an oncologist, to be more specific. An oncologist known around the world who was asked to speak at conferences in many countries, at many different conventions and summits.  He helped to create one of the most famous cancer fighting drugs currently in existence.  He saved hundreds, if not … Continue reading Are You Just One Thing?