Country Music is Dangerous…Right?

By: Todd A couple years ago, I was on vacation with a buddy and his family.  It was him and I in the front seats of the rental car, 2 or 3 of our 4 kids in the back.  Some vapid, self-important pop song was playing on the radio.  The lyrics became inappropriate on some … Continue reading Country Music is Dangerous…Right?

Speeding While White: In Memory of Philando Castile

By: Jeanne Cameron I’m driving west on NY-28 through the scenic Hudson Valley.  It’s been a long day, and three hours still separate my passengers and me from home. Near the crest of a hill, a state trooper car comes into view heading east.  I slam on my breaks as it passes and glance at … Continue reading Speeding While White: In Memory of Philando Castile

Fly on the Wall: LaToya

By: Adam Sutton “Has anyone figured out why I assigned these books for your reading project?” Mrs. Snell asks the class.  Several hands pop up immediately.  “Because the stories all have kids in them.  Kids like our age kinda,” says LaToya. Sharon pipes up saying, “They are about history, and you teach us history.” Melvin … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: LaToya

Learning Never Ends…Ever

By: Anonymous Last week I was sorting through boxes and albums of old photographs looking for pictures to use in a friend’s 50th birthday card.  She is the last of us to turn 50, and we affectionately call her the caboose.  So, having been tasked with the job of creating a card to present to … Continue reading Learning Never Ends…Ever

Psychology of a Hoodie

By: Todd A year ago, I bought a Black Lives Matter Sweatshirt from my kids’ school during a Black History Month presentation.  I did not buy it without tremendous thought.  I have wanted one since the movement began.  Before I bought it, I finally mustered up the courage to ask a black friend, if it … Continue reading Psychology of a Hoodie

The Squeegee Brigade

**This story is a Baltimore tale.  In the city of Baltimore, there are crews of "squeegee boys" who patrol busy intersections in the city armed with a squeegee and a bucket.  They wash windows and expect a nominal fee.  It's a thing.** By: Todd Story #1 Scene:  Coming off the 83 South exit onto North … Continue reading The Squeegee Brigade