The Slightly Less Than God Club

By: Joe Pettit Where does the worth of a person come from?  To be clear, I do not mean any kind of monetary, or economic worth.  I mean a worth that indicates a value and dignity for which economic comparisons are inappropriate.  If such a worth exists, where does it come from? Some might say … Continue reading The Slightly Less Than God Club

You’re the Inspiration

By: Rebecca Frager I lost my Aunt Audrey last week.  She was almost 90. She was always exotic to me. She was a few years older than my dad, but like him, she was born in India.  My grandparents were Lutheran missionaries in India for more than 30 years.  Most of their 10 children – … Continue reading You’re the Inspiration

Against Agnosticism

By: Joe Pettit Among my non-religious neighbors and colleagues, agnosticism, rather than atheism, seems to be the preferred position to take.  To be clear, I do not go around quizzing people on their attitudes about God, but when they find I that I teach religious studies and philosophy, they will often let me know where … Continue reading Against Agnosticism

For Goodness’s Sake

By: Joe Pettit The popular Christmas song, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” encourages young children to “be good, for goodness sake.” That last phrase, “for goodness sake,” has an everyday meaning that connotes frustration or exasperation. One can imagine a parent telling a child, “For goodness sake, clean your room!” or someone telling an adult who … Continue reading For Goodness’s Sake