Waxing and Waning

By: Prianca Naik It is quickly consumed by a voracious void when you are in a hurry.  It stops when tragedy strikes.  It disappears in the blink of an eye when your daughter suddenly graduates from high school and just yesterday it feels as though you brought her home from the hospital.  It is warped, … Continue reading Waxing and Waning

I am not meant to live forever

By: Joe Pettit Don’t ask me why, but I have been thinking about death a lot lately.  I have been remarkably free from experiencing the pain of an untimely death of someone I love, so everything I am about to say should be taken with a dose of caution.  More than usual, I really may … Continue reading I am not meant to live forever

Finding Life’s Sweet Spot

By: Anonymous The death of inspiration comes from attaining contentment. I have spent much of my life barreling forward to each dream, rarely taking a moment to enjoy the spoils of each new barrier I have broken through, because I needed to reach the next goal. Some of these dreams could very well be considered small, … Continue reading Finding Life’s Sweet Spot

Mourning the Loss of Joy

By: Anonymous “Find your joy.” I have uttered this statement more in the past four months than I care to think about or admit. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the brilliant Marie Kondo and her life-changing guide to decluttering. I’m speaking these words to working professionals whose job it is to enrich … Continue reading Mourning the Loss of Joy

A Doctor, a Lawyer, and a Quitter Walk into a Bar…

By: Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq. No, it’s not the beginning of a joke. It’s just what happens every time I go into a bar. I have a medical degree and a law degree…and if there were a professional certification for quitting, I’d not only have it, but I’d display it in my office as … Continue reading A Doctor, a Lawyer, and a Quitter Walk into a Bar…