Free Time is Great for Being Busy

By: Anonymous For nearly two years now, I have continued on an unending path of “doing too much” that I can never feel rested. Throwing out the perpetual conversation of the lifestyle of a teacher during the school year—which I will not go into here—summers are where I normally get my rest and relaxation. However, … Continue reading Free Time is Great for Being Busy

Fly on the Wall: Arthur Part II

Part I By: Adam Sutton “Arthur, the bell rang 10 minutes ago.  Where have you been?” Ms. Rangels asks.  “My gym locker got stuck.  Then, I had to go to the bathroom.  Then, I remembered I forgot something in my class, and I went to Mr. Anderson’s class instead of yours because I messed up … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Arthur Part II

T’was the Season of Prom

By: Anonymous Tonight is my school’s prom.  I have been chaperoning it every year since I started working there.  It is one of my favorite nights of the year.  It always makes me laugh watching the young men try hard to act like gentlemen.  As you may know, high school boys have a really tough … Continue reading T’was the Season of Prom

Divided Attention

By: Angry Old Man It is always a great pleasure to run into a former student.  This student triggered off a memory because at the start of the school year she was really struggling.  She was normally a high B student who was consistently getting D’s on my assessments.  I remember when she scored an A on her … Continue reading Divided Attention

Fly on the Wall: Gerard

By: Adam Sutton “Payton is such a loser!  Isn’t she?” Gerard yells to his buddies across the room.  “Gerard, you’re a dick,” Payton responds but not nearly as loudly as Gerard’s exclamation.  “Gerard, stop.  Both of you stop,” Mr. Hanks chastises them.  “Mr. Hanks, you can’t tell me to stop being honest.  It’s the Constitution.  … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Gerard

Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George

By: Adam Sutton “Today, Ms. Fiore is going to be with you guys.  Be on your best behavior, like always, since she has some stuff that’s good for you forever.  It will provide you with guidance.”  Mrs. George pauses.  Laughs to herself and continues, “Guidance.  Ha!  Get it?  Guidance.  She’s a Guidance Counselor.”  The students … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George