Meet at The Gully at 8:30

By: Ed Kennedy Who else out there is from a small town?  They are wonderful, strange, and intimate places where people know you and your family history by uttering your last name in conversation.  The name of my small town is Cohoes, and its claim to fame is that it has the second largest waterfall … Continue reading Meet at The Gully at 8:30

Divided Attention

By: Angry Old Man It is always a great pleasure to run into a former student.  This student triggered off a memory because at the start of the school year she was really struggling.  She was normally a high B student who was consistently getting D’s on my assessments.  I remember when she scored an A on her … Continue reading Divided Attention

Irish Madness Pt. 1

By: S. G. Lacey For 9 of my most formative years, those just out of college, I participated annually in an adventure which yielded a ton of amazing memories and brought together great friends.  This weekend combined two of my favorite events, the honoring of the Irish St. Patrick on March 17th, and the start … Continue reading Irish Madness Pt. 1