Fly on the Wall: Angela

By: Adam Sutton “She gets extended time!” her mom insists. “Yes.  She does.” Mr. Percy replies patiently.  “Then, why is her grade already in the gradebook, and she isn’t being given anymore time?” mom continues. “She gets a 50% extension.  I’ve given her an extra week.  She is getting so far behind because I’ve given … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Angela

The World’s Best Reading Strategy

By: Anonymous Think of one of the filthiest words you could call a woman. Now, imagine an 11-year-old saying that word to you. Picture it again, only this time with the knowledge that the 11-year-old has no idea what he has just said to you and is simply asking what he considers to be a … Continue reading The World’s Best Reading Strategy

Fly on the Wall: Liam

By: Adam Sutton “Can we get 3 good things to start our class off on a positive note today?” Mr. Wallace asked in his usual way.  “Go for it, Brandi.” “I’ve got friends coming over for a sleepover tonight!” “Whatcha got Mark?” Mr. Wallace said as he saw Liam’s hand shoot into the air. “I … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Liam