Fly on the Wall: Isabel

By: Adam Sutton It’s 2am.  My wife looks gorgeous on a sunny beach.  I think it’s the Bahamas, but I’m not worrying about the specifics.  Those aren’t important for this story.  She’s a couple pounds heavier, a little grayer and a whole lot saltier than when we met 25 years ago, but she still turns … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Isabel

Call Your Dad

By: Kristi Rizzo My initial reaction was, “Oh, this isn’t good news.”  My fiancé and I had just purchased our first home and we were planning a wedding for August of the following year.  This wasn’t the order in which events were supposed to happen.  As the oldest of the three girls, I was supposed … Continue reading Call Your Dad

Passing Atticus

By: Adam Sutton This month we are trying something a little different here at OnceEveryThirty. While each writer always has freedom to write as they please, this month I've asked the team to think about reading and inspiration as they write. I hope you enjoy and thanks for your support! I’m a teacher. I started … Continue reading Passing Atticus

Breaking Through

By: Anonymous In the Fall of 2017, the #metoo movement was at peak. I watched countless news articles, social media posts and in-person conversations tell their personal stories. However, I hesitated admitting to #metoo for so many reasons. One being fears of folks saying, “That’s drama” or “She shouldn’t talk about that.  It’s private,” or “Facebook really … Continue reading Breaking Through


By: Danielle Wilson The words burrow Deep inside me Into my bones and my cells And wait like a virus For me to get weak and tired. Then, they float back up to the surface To whisper in my ear, “You’re not good enough.” “You’re not strong enough.” “You can’t handle this.” It’s hard not … Continue reading “Self”

The Bravest Thing

By: V.I. I slept soundly. I was dreaming. A vibration churned inside every cell in my body. Still I did not wake. Glass crashed down, shattering on the floor. Still I did not wake. Wood splintered, snapping with a crack. Still I did not wake. A pounding slammed upon a wall. My name shouted out. … Continue reading The Bravest Thing