Divided Attention

By: Angry Old Man It is always a great pleasure to run into a former student.  This student triggered off a memory because at the start of the school year she was really struggling.  She was normally a high B student who was consistently getting D’s on my assessments.  I remember when she scored an A on her … Continue reading Divided Attention

Struggle to Learn

By: An Angry Old Man Last week in my blog I mentioned that defeating fear is one of the most important things to do to be successful.  I received a lot of feedback stating that fear does hold people back.  The fear of losing, fear of looking dumb, and the fear of struggling while others seem to … Continue reading Struggle to Learn

Finding Life’s Sweet Spot

By: Anonymous The death of inspiration comes from attaining contentment. I have spent much of my life barreling forward to each dream, rarely taking a moment to enjoy the spoils of each new barrier I have broken through, because I needed to reach the next goal. Some of these dreams could very well be considered small, … Continue reading Finding Life’s Sweet Spot


By: Angry Old Man I remember when one of my former students returned to visit me.  After chatting for a while I asked her, “What could our school have done to prepare you better for college?”  Her answer was you needed to teach me how to fail!  Her answer totally took me by surprise, but now upon reflection I understand … Continue reading Perfection