Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.

By: Anonymous I may be a little late to the game, but my fiancé and I are in serious talks about trying to have a child soon.  I’m 35, and most of my friends already have kids.  My few friends that don’t have children yet are probably going to be lifelong bachelors.  I gotta say, … Continue reading Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.

T’was the Season of Prom

By: Anonymous Tonight is my school’s prom.  I have been chaperoning it every year since I started working there.  It is one of my favorite nights of the year.  It always makes me laugh watching the young men try hard to act like gentlemen.  As you may know, high school boys have a really tough … Continue reading T’was the Season of Prom

Fly on the Wall: Mr. Burdock

By: Adam Sutton Mr. Burdock stands in the middle of his classroom surrounded by students quietly but feverishly marking the text for any numbers or statistics that might tell them about the debate over slavery leading up to the Civil War.  He turns around, scanning the desks.  He looks at Jimmy.  Jimmy always needs help.  … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mr. Burdock

Fly on the Wall: Aaron

By: Adam Sutton “Good morning class!  Have a seat on the carpet.  Criss-cross applesauce.” Mr. Ferguson belted out.  “I like how everyone is listening so well this morning.”  A blur in the corner of his eye catches his attention.  “Who is that hiding under my table?” Mr. Ferguson asks to the little person hidden beneath … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Aaron

Fly on the Wall: Layla

By: Adam Sutton “Yo Mr. Fitz, we be playin’,” Layla scoffed. “It’s Mr. Fitzgerald, and you were fooling around,” Mr. Fitgerald corrected her.  “Why you always be like dat?” Layla raised her hands in mild objection.  “I am like that because someday you will have a job interview, and I want you to get the … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Layla